Financial Personality Indicator

A tool to begin the conversation

The Financial Personality Indicator takes just minutes of your time, but can provide insight into a lifetime of financial beliefs and habits. Understanding your unique financial personality will help you become more confident in the way you relate to money.

York Traditions Bank has developed a series of questions which are designed to help start a conversation about money. The “Financial Personality Indicator” is not meant to label you or put you in a box. It is meant to give you insight into why you make the financial decisions you do, and what money means to you.

If you choose to have a personal financial coaching session with a York Traditions Bank professional, this information will be helpful as they work with you to develop short, medium and long-term financial goals.

So, here’s what to do next: Complete the Financial Personality Indicator

Start Here


It will take just 10 to 15 minutes of your time, and results will be provided by phone, email or mail (whichever method you prefer) within two business days.


In the meantime, see if you can identify with one of the four Financial Personality Profiles. They are explained on the Personalities page. This Indicator will also provide you with a Financial Preparedness number. Knowing more about “where you are” will help avoid discouragement by beginning with goals that are realistic and attainable.

We’ll contact you soon with your results, and then – let the conversation begin!