Financial Personalities

Security Keeper


“Life is unpredictable, so you have to work hard, be smart, and do everything you can to be prepared and protect your money.”

Security Keepers are the organizers of their home and work environment. They are the keepers of the checkbook, in charge of the household finances, and are the ones in charge of keeping everything running ship-shape. They enjoy being useful and of service. They like to feel prepared.


Relationship Protector


“It’s important to plan ahead to make sure you have enough money to take care of yourself, the people you love and to fulfill your life’s purpose.”

Relationship Protectors are empathetic, intuitive and idealistic. They value relationships above everything else in their lives. They are natural connectors, mentors, and teachers. Compassionate people, they have a nurturing and encouraging nature and hate to disappoint people. They truly enjoy helping others reach their full potential. Relationship Protectors despise conflict and are often the peacemaker making sure everyone gets along. They seek harmony.


Opportunity Seeker


“A strategic, comprehensive plan for the future helps you make smarter decisions so you have financial independence and the money to live the lifestyle you choose.”

Opportunity Seekers are very independent, driven, and focused on the future. They enjoy challenges, problem solving and finding more efficient ways to do things. It makes them crazy to waste time. Quality of life is important and money allows them to have that. They want their home to be welcoming, well furnished and efficiently run. They are curious about the world and finding ways to understand it better.


Freedom Finder


“Life isn’t about accumulating money. It’s about accumulating experiences. It’s important to enjoy life today instead of putting things off until “someday” or “when I retire.”

For Freedom Finders, it’s about enjoying life, expressing yourself, being flexible and spontaneous. These people can’t be put into a box, they are too multi-faceted. Work is something they get through so they can devote their time to what they really care about, which is self-expression, fun, hobbies and experiencing life. Shopping, fashion, cooking, making art, traveling, watching movies – this is where their passion lies. Freedom Finders are focused on the here and now. They live in the moment. They don’t focus on the future.