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We all know that the financial realities of a woman’s life are unique – different stages, different paths, different personalities, different levels of preparedness. There are personal situations that impact financial plans – like buying a home, starting a family, planning for college, changing careers, or retiring.

But there’s one thing many women have in common, regardless of life stage or situation. Even though a large majority of us handle our families’ routine money management duties and influence most purchasing decisions, studies show we don’t feel as confident as men about financial matters. Women are searching for a welcoming place to strengthen their financial knowledge, with hearts set on goals and minds set on attaining them.

That’s why we’ve created Her Traditions – an initiative to help make finances come alive and take the mystery out of investing for women. We know that providing you with solutions to achieve growth and prosperity is not just about great products. It’s about helping you gain the knowledge – and the confidence – you need to succeed, without fear of judgment. And that requires a personal relationship, which is what York Traditions Bank is all about.

We invite you to join us in this new and innovative way to learn, become inspired, and take charge of your financial future.

Carolyn Schaefer
Her Traditions Founder and Champion

Wanda Filer, M.D.
Member, Board of Directors

Betty Carson
Member, Board of Directors
Member, Hanover Advisory Board

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