Small Business

When the founders of York Traditions Bank made the decision to create a bank from the ground up, much of their motivation was because they felt the Small Businesses in York County weren’t getting the attention they deserved. It seemed unfair that as area financial institutions continued to merge and grow larger, they had less time and resources to devote to the organizations that create jobs and keep our hometown humming. The days of the local community bank with local decisions had almost disappeared. And it was time that someone brought it back to York County.

York Traditions Bank was born. From October 28, 2002 through the end of that first year, York Traditions established relationships with 45 business customers. By the end of our first decade in 2012, we were serving over 1,000 business customers. And our reach continues to grow.

It’s no wonder community banks lend the most to Small Business. Our Associates shop neighborhood businesses, volunteer alongside you in the community, and realize that each of you has a unique story. If you are an area business owner who isn’t experiencing the level of attention you deserve, check out our full line of products and services. Then call our Business Services team at 717-747-2617. We’re anxious to hear your story, help you meet your goals, and celebrate your success with you!