Security Keeper

“Life is unpredictable, so you have to work hard, be smart, and do everything you can to be prepared and protect your money.”

Security Keepers are the organizers of their home and work environment. They are the keepers of the checkbook, in charge of the household finances, and are the ones in charge of keeping everything running ship-shape. They enjoy being useful and of service. They like to feel prepared.

Security Keepers are known for being responsible, economical, structured, stable, reliable, loyal, and detail oriented. (You’re the ones we count on to remember birthdays, anniversaries, know where our favorite shirt is and to have directions to where we’re going.) Security Keepers don’t like change, especially change for no good reason. They also don’t like surprises. (Beware of throwing this woman a surprise party– let us know how THAT goes for you.) Careful decision makers, Security Keepers will do their homework before making any big financial decisions. They can be very black and white, with a strong sense of right and wrong. They’re excellent at spotting and preventing problems. They aren’t known for their delegation skills since they know, frankly, they will do a better job than anyone else. (And they’re usually right since they have a perfectionist streak.)

Financial Strengths

Security Keepers are disciplined, industrious, detail-oriented, conservative, good at saving, budgeting, and bargain shopping. They are good at living within their means. They are careful decision makers who think through all of the consequences.

Financial Challenges

Security Keepers are focused on not making mistakes. While Security Keepers tend to be organized, and on top of the day-to-day money matters like paying the bills and being mindful of a budget, they may lack a future-focused outlook designed to maximize growth opportunities. Because they trust their inner guidance so much, they may not act on recommendations from other financial professionals if they feel those professionals don’t fully understand their situation or share their values. Security Keepers can also be so debt averse that they miss out on important opportunities that credit can provide.