Same Faces, New Names!

Did you know the word teller originates from the Old English word tellan, which means “to enumerate or count?” At York Traditions Bank, our front line Associates process a wide variety of transactions beyond taking deposits and cashing checks. They have the knowledge and training to answer questions typically referred to a Personal Banker or Manager at other institutions. And they take ownership to support the resolution of customer challenges in order to assure the quickest response and continuity in communication.

We feel this level of service and diverse knowledge deserves a word beyond teller. So we’ve decided to change their names! Depending on their level of experience and responsibility, they will now be known as:

  • CLIENT CARE SPECIALIST (previously Teller)
  • CLIENT CARE EXPERT (previously Senior Teller)
  • CLIENT CARE MANAGER (previously Head Teller)

We hope you agree these new names better reflect the vital role they play in building relationships with YOU – our valued customers. Please join us in congratulating our CLIENT CARE TEAM on their new titles!

Pictured above is one of our valued long-time customers, Dr. Heather Lawrence of Tamarkin Eye Associates, with Becky Amspacher, Senior Client Care Specialist and one of our very first Associates who helped open York Traditions Bank on October 28, 2002!