Transition Guide

Are you ready to make the move to more personalized banking? It’s time to TRANSITION TO TRADITIONS! We understand that changing banks takes time, patience and attention-to-detail. We can give you all three – providing step-by-step support to make your transition worry-free. We promise, it will be worth it. Transitions-Guide The Tool: Transition Guide The Transition Guide is a handy tool to organize the process of moving your accounts to York Traditions Bank. It provides a resource to compile all of the necessary information you need to complete the change. You’ll receive a copy the first time we meet! The People: Transition Partners Our experienced and friendly banking professionals are available to help you as much (or as little) as you are comfortable with, making sure important details don’t fall through the cracks. Contact us today to get started:

St. Charles Way, York office: (717) 747-2610

Bobby JayBobby Jay
Branch Manager
NMLS # 1048453
Direct: (717) 747-2657
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Sandy DumanskiSandy Dumanski
Senior Personal Banker
NMLS # 439633
Direct: (717) 747-2648
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Eastern Boulevard, York office: (717) 747-2620

Jamie Reid
Senior Branch Manager
NMLS # 783810
Direct: (717) 747-2625
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Tina Inscore
Senior Personal Banker
NMLS # 783809
Direct: (717) 747-2626
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Susquehanna Trail, York office: (717) 747-2640

Currently hiring Denton SenftDenton Senft
Senior Personal Banker
NMLS # 1016832
Direct: (717) 747-2646
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White Street, York office: (717) 747-2660

Bobbie Ford
Branch Manager
NMLS # 1477451
Direct: (717) 747-2665
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Christie Winters HeadshotChristie Winters
Senior Personal Banker
NMLS # 806084
Direct: (717) 747-2653
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Eisenhower Drive, Hanover office: (717) 637-2610

Ruth Shaffer
Branch Manager
NMLS # 525060
Direct: (717) 637-0063
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Alison KeelingAlison Huber
Senior Personal Banker
NMLS # 783740
Direct: (717) 637-0049
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