Mortgage Application Checklist

The following items will be needed when you apply for a mortgage with Traditons Mortgage:


  • Name and address of employers for the past two years
  • Copy of pay stubs for the previous 30 days
  • Copy of last two years of W-2 forms

If you are Self-Employed, have any investment properties, or more than 20% of your income is from commissions or K-1 income (you own more than 20% of the business)

  • Copy of last two years tax returns (personal and business); year to date P&L and Balance Sheet through the most recent quarter


  • Copies of statements covering last 3 months on asset accounts (all pages, must show your name, acct # and the banks name on it if a computer print out)
  • Copy of most recent statement for 401K, Savings Plan, etc (all pages)


  • Name and address for landlords for the previous two years


  • Drivers license
  • Social Security Card
  • Name and phone number of your homeowners insurance agent
  • Copy of fully executed divorce degree if applicable
  • Copy of signed contract
  • Copy of lease agreements on rental properties
  • Veterans: Copy of DD 214 and Eligibility Certificate if you have it
  • Check for the cost of your credit report and appraisal ($450) payable to York Traditions Bank

Click here for a Printable Checklist