Meet Our Personal Banking Team

After seeing a real need in the community for a local community bank in York and Hanover, PA, we created an organization that provides a new and innovative approach to banking built on solid traditional values. Our business know-how and ties to the York County community run deep. Our personal banking team has a wealth of experience in banking and financial services in York and Hanover, PA. However, depth of experience and traditional values do not mean we’re doing banking the same old way. Our vision statement reflects our commitment: “ To provide businesses, professionals, leaders of businesses, and individual clients with solutions to achieve growth and prosperity.”

We fulfill this vision by providing our clients with: 

  • A high level of accessibility and attention from our senior team and board
  • A staff of “Best-of-Class” Associates that shares our values and is dedicated to our purposes
  • The creation of a true partnership with our clients based on careful listening, understanding of their needs and challenges, and the development of mutually beneficial solutions 
  • A commitment to exquisite service and flawless execution

Looking for extraordinary personal banking service? 

Check out York Traditions Bank and discover what ‘real relationship banking’ looks like. 

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St. Charles Way, York branch: (717) 747-2610

Photo of Fay Pharo-Frank, branch manager of our St. Charles Way branchFay Pharo-Frank
Branch Manager
NMLS # 1101706
(717) 747-2657
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Photo of Sandy Dumanski, personal banker at St. Charles WaySandy Dumanski
Senior Personal Banker
NMLS # 439633
(717) 747-2648
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Eastern Boulevard, York branch: (717) 747-2620

Photo of Jamie Reid, branch manager of our Eastern Boulevard branchJamie Reid
Senior Branch Manager
NMLS # 783810
(717) 747-2625
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Photo of Tina Inscore, personal banker at Eastern BoulevardTina Inscore
Senior Personal Banker
NMLS # 783809
(717) 747-2626
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Susquehanna Trail, York branch: (717) 747-2640

Photo of Dana A'Hearn, branch manager of Susquehanna Trail branchDana A’Hearn
Branch Manager
NMLS # 783650
(717) 747-2645
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Photo of Dan Alexandre, personal banker at our Susquehanna Trail branchDaniel Alexandre
Personal Banker
NMLS # 938682
(717) 747-2646
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White Street, York branch: (717) 747-2660

Photo of Denton Senft, branch manager of our White Street branchDenton Senft
Branch Manager
NMLS # 1016832
(717) 747-2665
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Photo of Christie Winters, personal banker at our White Street branchChristie Winters
Senior Personal Banker
NMLS # 806084
(717) 747-2653
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Downtown York branch: (717) 747-2670

Photo of Jim Coombes, branch manager of our branch in downtown York, PAJames Coombes
Branch Manager
NMLS # 456987
(717) 747-2673
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Photo of Brittney Bechwith, Senior Universal Banker at our downtown York branchBrittney Beckwith
Senior Universal Banker
NMLS # 996912
(717) 747-2623
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Eisenhower Drive, Hanover branch: (717) 637-2610

Photo of Ruth Shaffer, branch manager of our Hanover/ Eisenhower Drive branchRuth Shaffer
Branch Manager
NMLS # 525060
(717) 637-0063
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Photo of Alison Huber, personal banker at our Hanover/ Eisenhower Drive branchAlison Huber
Senior Personal Banker
NMLS # 783740
(717) 637-0049
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Photo of Brad Willow, Managing Director of Personal and Signature BankingBrad Willow
Managing Director, Personal and Signature Banking
NMLS# 1375872
(717) 747-2641
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Photo of Leslie Houck, branch administration coordinatorLeslie Houck
Branch Administration Coordinator
(717) 747-2633
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