48 Month CD/ IRA CD

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1.75% APY CD Promo

*APY (Annual Percentage Yield) accurate as of October 17, 2017. Minimum $500 opening balance. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. Maximum CD amount is $250,000 per household.

Make your money work harder with York Traditions Bank’s limited time 48-month CD offer and earn 1.75% APY*! Available at all York Traditions Bank locations. Stop by your nearest branch, give us a call, or fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll contact you at your convenience!

Other rates and terms available.

CD's** and IRA's

7-31 Day (for CDS only) 0.10 0.10
3 Month CD/IRA 0.20 0.20
6 Month CD/IRA 0.25 0.25
12 Month CD/IRA (1) 0.80 0.80
18 Month CD/IRA 1.39 1.40
24 Month CD/IRA 1.49 1.50
30 Month CD/IRA 1.49 1.50
36 Month CD/IRA 1.59 1.60
48 Month CD/IRA 1.69 1.70
60 Month CD/IRA 1.84 1.85
**The minimum balance to open a CD and obtain the APY is $500.
Substantial penalty for early withdrawal.
(1) For IRA, may add additional deposits during one-year term.

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