Opportunity Seeker

“A strategic, comprehensive plan for the future helps you make smarter decisions so you have financial independence and the money to live the lifestyle you choose.”

Opportunity Seekers are very independent, driven, and focused on the future. They enjoy challenges, problem solving and finding more efficient ways to do things. It makes them crazy to waste time. Quality of life is important and money allows them to have that. They want their home to be welcoming, well furnished and efficiently run. They are curious about the world and finding ways to understand it better.

Opportunity Seekers enjoy learning about financial options and strategies. They need a way to measure their progress and check their financial statements often. They are often focused on trying to find ways to retire early. Opportunity Seekers like to come to their own conclusions and can be skeptical. They are very decisive and quick to share their opinion. They love a lively and challenging conversation. You’ll often find them climbing the ladder in corporate American, or running their own business, or heading up a busy household.

Financial Strengths

Opportunity Seekers are future-focused planners. They have a long-range perspective. They are good at setting goals and coming up with plans and systems to achieve them. Opportunity Seekers also tend to be career focused or pair up with career driven partners. Making and managing money is a priority. They are quick to act when they see financial opportunities.

Financial Challenges

Opportunity Seekers are sometimes so focused on gains they take on a lot of risk. They hate missing out on an opportunity. They are very independent and like to make their own decisions. But they might be able to benefit from the guidance of a trusted professional. They are also not known for their patience and may get frustrated if they don’t meet their financial goals on their time line.