Board Member Perspective Featuring Betty Carson

York Traditions Bank Board Member Elizabeth “Betty” Carson began her successful 33-year career at a small community bank and remained through many mergers, retiring in 2011 as Senior VP of Retail Banking with M&T. She joined the York Traditions Board in 2014 and discusses her role as the Chair of the Governance and Nominating Committee.

What does the bank’s Governance and Nominating Committee do?

Strong, effective leadership and commitment are necessary for success, and service on a bank board is a great responsibility with serious accountability. The Governance and Nominating Committee oversees the policies and procedures that maintain the strength of the organization and the integrity of the board.

As an example, the committee conducts formal yearly reviews of each board member and the board as a whole. We also identify board skills and competencies needed to support the bank’s strategic plans for the future and recruit the best available candidates to fill any gaps or vacancies, ensuring the bank’s continuity.

What motivated you to come out of retirement and join the board of a community bank?

The decision to retire was a big one, and I felt that I still had a lot to give. I loved my time as a community banker early in my career. Even though my territories changed as my positions grew, I was fortunate that my home base was always in Hanover. I raised my family here, and I have been involved in numerous nonprofit organizations. Serving on the board of York Traditions Bank seemed like a natural progression. It’s been a perfect fit! It is a great opportunity to offer my knowledge to help my hometown bank grow so, in turn, it can help my hometown grow.

What is exquisite customer service, and how does it differ from a community bank to that of larger banks?

Exquisite customer service is delighting the customer at every point of contact, whether it’s in the branch, on the phone, at the ATM, or when you see them at a community event! It’s about creating a pleasant experience for anyone touched by the organization, which is one of our Core Values.

While large banks may be able to offer new technologies at a slightly quicker pace, they find it more difficult to respond quickly to resolve

Why do you feel it’s important for York Traditions Bank to be involved in the community?

The answer is actually a question – If not us, then who?

At York Traditions Bank, the tone is set at the top. Every board member is active in the community. For me, I’m passionate about the library. Every associate is supported as they pursue their passion as well. They are encouraged to choose something they love and get involved.

During my career at previous institutions, I competed with York Traditions Bank. I watched the organization’s growth and approach to the market. They earned my respect for their dedication to helping individuals and businesses and also for their commitment to the community. Now, I’m so honored to be a part of it!

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